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Barbara McMahon is an artist that paints and photographs the beauty, the humanity and the unseen moments on this planet with a passion that is deeply rooted within her psyche. From an early age, Barbara felt and saw what seemed unnoticed by others. Usually inspired by something she has witnessed in nature or by the emotions evoked by music or human and animal connection, Barbara is compelled to capture that scene with a passion and desire to share with as many people as possible.

Barbara paints in watercolour, oil and acrylic to portray her visions, but of late has begun to capture the split second in time with an average Canon DSLR camera. Without a telephoto lens she is often intimately and at times, dangerously close to her subject. Most of her work is captured raw with only natural lighting. She wants you to see what her eyes behold so that you may travel vicariously with her.

Her subject matter varies, from capturing unique sea glass sculptures, scenes of natural environments that are fleeting and never repeated and unique images of everyday moments.

Barbara has found that there is not enough time to capture by camera or paint all that inspires her. She is emboldened by vivid colours, by simplicity, by complexity and by the sheer luminosity of life, humanity and the cosmos.

As her experience has grown in the art world, she has developed a deeper understanding of this vast universe and her own flickering place within it.

Barbara's work is found in collections in Canada, United States, Scandinavia and Europe.

Barbara sincerely hopes that you enjoy viewing her works of art. Thank you and enjoy your visit!

All paintings/images on this website are exclusive property of the artist. They are NOT public domain. All paintings are protected by (c) copyright and the International copyright laws. All images/paintings may NOT be reproduced without the written authorization of 'Barbara McMahon' the artist.


Lilac Spring


Orange Delight in Spring


Universal Connections


Colorful But Deadly Poison Dart Frogs


Poisonous Blue Beauty


Tracks through the Dogwood Creek


Maltese Yorkie Out For A Winter Walk


Life in Autumn


Beyond Reach


Paris Established 1850


Mourning Dove Male and Females


Orchid Series 104




Boardwalk In Summer Woods


Men In Black and Red


Feminine Reflections


Toreador's Nemesis In The Skies


Beating To My Own Drum


It's Not Easy Being Green


They Say We Taste Like Chicken


Red and Green


I Will Wait Forever


Sparkling Sea Glass Friends


Floating Beach Glass Abstract


Abstract Sea Glass